Paying by eCheck

Paying by eCheck

There are two methods to pay your account: Quick Pay and Make a Payment. Use Quick Pay to pay all your invoices using a single electronic check. Use Make a Payment to select the amount, or invoice(s), that you wish to pay today.

Below is a summary on the Quick Pay method. For more detailed instructions and a guide on how to use the Make a Payment method, please visit the user guide: Payment by eCheck (PDF).

Using Quick Pay

Step 1: Sign in to your eBill account

Step 2: From the eBill home page, select the Quick Pay tile.

Quick Pay tile on home page

Step 3: Carefully read the Electronic Check Terms and Conditions. If you agree to these terms, use your mouse and click the I Agree toggle switch. This moves the switch from "No" to "Yes" and confirms your acceptance of the terms. Then, select the green Submit Payment button.

Quick Pay

Step 4: Now complete the billing information and payment details page. The billing information is pre-populated with your billing details. Please update any missing or incorrect information. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

In the Payment details section, enter your routing number, bank account number, and check number. From the Account Type pull-down menu, please indicate if your bank account is a checking, corporate checking, or savings account.

Once the page is complete, click the green Pay button.

Billing information and payment details page

Step 6: EBill confirms if your payment was successful. Click the OK button to close the window.

Payment Confirmation page

Step 7: To check the status of your payment, click on the Pending Payments tile. Be aware that by the next business day, the invoice(s) will disappear from the Pending Payments page and reappear on the Payment History page.

Pending Payments